Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams at Samaria Baptist Church are teams led by members with a passion to perform a particular ministry to which they feel certain they are called. Please look through these and others ministries done in this church and join in service where God has challenged you to serve.  

Bereavement Ministry Team

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Focus: Support for the family immediately after the death of a loved one.  In addition to visitation in the home, funeral home and funeral service, the Bereavement Ministry Team will support the family through assistance/coordination of resources and (tasks) in the home, funeral home, and church.

Message: You are not alone in your grief, we will walk with you.

Spiritual Gifts: Administration, Hospitality, Encouragement, Mercy

Leader: Esther Cannada - 804.966.5002

Casserole/Dessert Ministry Team

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Focus: Persons affected by a time of crisis and/or upheaval of their normal schedule.  This is a ministry of providing food for those dealing with other issues in their lives.  Food is provided in several ways and delivered (home cooked, purchased, gift certificate, money given).

Message: Let us provide your meals while you are dealing with a crisis in your life.

Spiritual Gifts: Encouragement, Administration, Helps, Hospitality, and Mercy

Leaders: Muriel Adkins - 804.829.2781, Patsy Stewart - 804.966.2128

Crisis/Disaster Ministry Team

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Focus: This team will be a contact point with Charles City County to receive hot meals, water, and ice in times of storms and no electricity.  It will distribute supplies to the community in time of need.  In case of fire or house loss this team will help in finding temporary shelter.  We will also cut fallen trees from driveways.

Message: Let us help you in your time of need.

Spiritual Gifts: Administration and Helps

Leader: Glenn Canaday - 804.829.2261

Evangelism Ministry Team

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Focus: People who are hurting, lonely, who may feel helpless, who may feel that there is no hope, etc.  This ministry consists of going door to door sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, with a focus on people who may never come to church.

Spiritual Gifts: Evangelism, Faith, and Intercession.

Leader: Stephen Adkins - 804.829.5548

Greeters Ministry Team

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Focus:  ALL who come through Samaria's doors.

Message: You are welcome here.

Spiritual Gifts: Hospitality

Leader: David Adkins - 804.829.6061

Homebound Ministry Team

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Focus: Persons who are confined to their homes, whether it be a private home, nursing home or assisted living.  This ministry would be one of personal visitation, phone call or writing.  This ministry would also include offering/and or serving communion to them.

Message: “You are an important part of our lives.”

Spiritual Gifts: Administration, Encouragement, Healing, Intercession, and Mercy

Leader: Judy Baber - 804.966.2395

Hospital/Home Visitation Ministry Team

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Focus: Persons who are affected by hospitalization.  This ministry of visitation is for those in the hospital, long or short-term.

Message: You are not alone during this time of crisis and healing.

Spiritual Gifts: Encouragement, Administration, Faith, Healing, Helps, Intercession, and Mercy

Leaders: Louis and Patsy Stewart - 804.966.2128

Greeting Card Ministry Team

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Focus: College students and members of the military.    

Message: We care about you and miss you.

Spiritual Gifts:  Encouragement and Communication

Leader: Lisa Brown - 804.829.6551

Inactive Member Ministry Team

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Focus: Persons who have fallen away from Samaria Baptist Church or who have given an indication that they intend to become inactive.  Emphasis will be upon listening rather than problem-solving.

Message: We miss you, we love you, and we will not let you slip away from us so easily.

Spiritual Gifts: Administratiom, Encouragement, Helps, Hospitality

Leader: Ralph Adkins

Media Ministry Team

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Focus: We need dependable folks willing to assist with the operation of audio/visual equipment, computers and social media applications of the church. This group is accountable for installing, building, playing, recording, copying, distributing, and upkeep of audio, video, computer, and social media files and equipment used in worship and ministry at Samaria Baptist Church.

Message: This is a great opportunity to worship through service. 

Spiritual Gifts: Administration, Communication, Helps

Leader: Ed Baber - 804.370.2607

New Member Ministry Team

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Focus: New members of Samaria Baptist Church.  This team will teach prospective and new members the responsibilities of Christians as believers.  They will lead discussions on worship and the Bible.  This team will keep in contact with new members for at least six months.  The team will encourage new members to attend Sunday School and join a ministry team.

Message: We care about new members.

Spiritual Gifts: Administration, Encouragement, Helps, Hospitality

Leader: Raul Montez - 804.829.5974

Patient Advocate Ministry Team

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Focus: Those who need help understanding and dealing with their doctor, hospital, and insurance carriers.

Message: We care about you and your health, let us help.

Spiritual Gifts: Administration, Helps, Mercy.

Leader: Stephen Adkins - 804.829.5548

Prayer Ministry Team

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Focus: Persons whose personal needs call out for intercessory prayer. The prayer team will pray for or meet with members as needed.

Message: Please make us aware of your need and our team will pray specifically for that need.

Spiritual Gifts: Administration, Encouragement, Faith, Healing, Intercession, and Mercy

Leader: Marlon Bradby - 804.829.5517

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Safety & Security Ministry Team

Focus: Both visible and behind the scenes efforts to keep everyone safe and secure while worshipping at Samaria Baptist Church.

Message: Your safety and security is our mission. If you see something, say something.

Spiritual Gifts: Administration, Hospitality

Leader: Preston Adkins - 804.878.6041

Small Jobs Ministry Team

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Focus: The elderly and shut-in

Message: Please tell us your need and let us help you.

Spiritual Gifts: Administration, Craftsmanship, Giving, Helps, and Mercy.

Leader: Doug Canaday

Transportation Ministry Team

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Focus: Persons who need transportation to and from doctor appointments and other places (church, grocery store, etc.)

Message: We care about you and your health, let us help get you to the places you need to go.

Spiritual Gifts: Administration, Helps, Hospitality, and Mercy.

Leader: Glenn Canaday - 804.829.2261

Visitor Outreach Ministry Team

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Focus: Persons new to the community served by the church.  The primary focus is to follow-up on persons who have visited our church.

Message: We care about people. Come, let us care for you.

Spiritual Gifts: Administration, Evangelism, Faith, and Intercession

Leader: Stephen Adkins - 804.829.5548

Widows and Widowers Ministry Team

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Focus: Widows and Widowers of Samaria Baptist Church

Message: We haven’t forgotten you.

Spiritual Gifts: Encouragement and Communication.

Leader: Audrey Holmes - 804.966.2662

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