Sunday School - Bible Study for all ages

Sunday School/Bible Study for All Ages

Sunday School happens every Sunday morning at 9:30 with refreshments and fellowship in the Sunday School Hall at  9:15. We use the Explore The Bible curriculum from Lifeway for all our classes. This coordinated curriculum uses the same scripture lesson/topic across all age groups allowing for family discussions throughout the week as the entire family prepares for Bible Study on Sunday. Class names, ages, teachers, and classroom designations are shown below. All ages are as of the last September 30.

Nursery: ages 0-1; Teachers - Dorothea Cannada, Paulette Bradby; Class #201; Room #Nursery B; Curriculum Babies.

Living: ages 2-3; Teachers - Mildred Adkins, Shirley Adkins; Class #202, Room #Nursery A; Curriculum Toddlers.

Growing: ages 4-5; Teachers - Melva Jefferson, Beth Locklear; Class #203, Room #Classroom B; Curriculum Preschool.

Bible Learners: ages 6-7; Teachers - Michelle Sweeney, Chelene Wynn; Class #204; Room #113; Curriculum Younger Kids.

Middlers: ages 8-9; Teachers - Brooke Baber, Sylvia Wynn; Class #205; Room #101, Curriculum Older Kids.

Preteens: ages 10-11; Teachers - Darrin Holmes, Tanya Stewart, Melvin Stewart; Class #206; Room #106;
Curriculum Older Kids.

Youth A: ages 12-13; Teachers - Lisa Brown, Corey Stewart; Class #207; Room #118; Curriculum Student.

Youth B: ages 14 thru HS; Teachers - Trey Adkins, Adam Adkins, Ralph Adkins; Class #208; Room #103; Curriculum Student.

Adult 1 (South): ages 18+; Teachers - Gina Martin, Amy Richard; Class #211; Room #116; Curriculum Adult.

Adult 2 (North): ages 18+; Teachers - Louis Stewart, Leroy Grubbs; Class #212; Room #110; Curriculum Adult.

Adult 3 (Van Holmes Class): ages 18+; Teachers - Reggie Stewart, Vacancy; Class #213; Room #114; Curriculum Adult.

Adult 4 (Sanctuary): ages 18+; Teachers - Stephen Adkins, Alvin Jones, Michael Holmes, Marlon Bradby; Class #214;
Room #Sanctuary; Curriculum Adult.

Adult 5 (20 Something+): ages 18-30; Teachers - Jacob Brown, Vacancy; Class #215; Room #119; Curriculum Young Adult.

Adult 6 (Chapel): ages 18+; Teachers - David Adkins, Kordi Adkins; Class #216; Room #120; Curriculum Adult.